Greener is Cleaner

To help us conserve our natural resources, you are empowered to “go green” by foregoing your housekeeping service.
In exchange we will be delighted to provide you with a $10 food voucher. The $10 food voucher is valid at any of the 13 Murphy Group of Restaurants’ locations.

Choose the nights you wish to “go green” at check in or call the Front Desk before 7:00pm the night prior to requesting the green choice.

* Please note this option is not available on the day of departure and is applicable up to 4 consecutive days.


Green Key

“We are proud to be part of Green Key”

Green Key is a leading international environmental certification body with over 2,000 members offering sustainability programs designed specifically for the hotel industry. For more than 20 years its flagship program, the Green Key Eco-Rating Program, has been evaluating, inspecting and certifying lodging properties based on their commitment to sustainable operations.

Clean the World


Clean the World Canada is a social enterprise that collects and recycles discarded soap and bottled amenities (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, gels) from hotel partners in Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Macau, China. The recycled soap is placed in hygiene kits, which are donated to homeless shelters, senior citizens, and struggling families in Canada and the United States. Soap also is distributed around the world in areas where there is a high risk of hygiene-related illness.


Green Meetings

Want your next meeting to go green?

The Great George offers a Green Meeting Program to businesses interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

When you book your business event at The Great George you can request the Green Meeting Program which works in conjunction with our environmental and energy management policies.

The Program reduces waste by:

  • Only providing dishes, cutlery, and linens that are reusable (no paper or polystyrene cups, no paper napkins or table covers, no plastic cutlery, no disposable doilies)
  • Eliminating disposable items (no plastic straws, plastic coffee stirrers, etc.)
  • Providing beverages in bulk whenever feasible, or in containers that are reusable or recyclable in the facility’s recycling program.
  • Not using single-serve containers for food and condiments (milk, cream, sugar, artificial sweeteners, butter, ketchup, vinegar, mustard, jams, salt, pepper, breakfast cereal. These are provided in bulk).
  • Purchasing whenever possible locally-grown produce, local food supplies and locally produced beverages (including mineral waters, wines and beers)
  • Purchasing whenever possible organic foods, wines and beers.
  • Making vegetarian menus available.
  • Donating surplus usable food to charitable organizations where possible and permitted by local health regulations.

Any specific questions or requests you may have?

Please email our concierge Ian Cheverie at